• Smith & Jones Engineering Ltd was formed by William and Nicola Jones (nee Smith), it was first established in Christchurch New Zealand.
  • Using Will’s knowledge of Cosworth engines and Nicola’s interest in business they were soon underway specialising in YB engines.


  • Smith & Jones finished development and released the YB Aluminium Cylinder Block (V1).
  • These blocks were designed by Foley Patterns, cast at the Zeus foundry in the U.K and machined in-house at S&J Engineering.
  • The first three protype engines running alloy blocks were finished and supplied to N.Z customers.
  • Phil McNabb 2.4L NA winning first time out! / Brett Stratton 2.1L Turbo / Kerry Smallridge 2.5L NA.
  • Sales and promotion of the aluminium block were significantly boosted by the dedicated help of Ken Jacobs at Cosworth LLC in California USA.


  • Driven by sales of new YB Aluminium cylinder blocks a demand grew for new YB cylinder heads.
  • During this year Will and Nicola began work on the YB head project, they worked with Foley Patterns again to produce the high quality YB Motorsport Cylinder Head.
  • Brian Stokes (N.Z Rally Champion) orders first 2.5L fuel injected YB engine for MKII Escort.
  • Bruce Manon (Manon Butler Motors N.Z) uses alloy blocks for customer Pinto & YB race engines.

2008 - A Tragic Year......

  • On 28th of June Nicola Jones suddenly and unexpectedly passed away....... breaking all our hearts.
  • Nicola left behind husband Will and their two children Andrew and Louise – this was a sad and difficult time.
  • During this year the first YB cylinder heads were cast and a first batch sold to Cosworth U.K for machining at Northampton.
  • In late 2008 Richard Towse joined Smith & Jones Engineering, bringing special skills including CAD design and engine development.
  • Richard now supports S&J with their development work from N.Z.


  • Will decided to relocate Smith & Jones Engineering to the U.K and to his hometown of Bridgnorth in Shropshire.


  • Smith & Jones set-up a new U.K workshop which includes manufacturing for cylinder heads and cylinder blocks, it also includes an engine dyno and development facility.
  • Casting of YB cylinder heads and blocks was moved to the Grainger & Worrall foundry.


  • Customer demand for more power from the YB engine saw the development of the 330cfm cylinder head, is was designed for use on +1000bhp turbo engines and +340bhp naturally aspirated engines.
  • Oliver Davies wins AGBO stages first time with new S&J Engine fitted……. day before the rally!


  • Nigel Mummery joined Will as a business partner and director of Smith & Jones Engineering.
  • Nigel owner and director of the successful ABT Products brought his manufacturing expertise to S&J – he is also an active motorsport competitor and Ford-Cosworth enthusiast!
  • Simon Mauger wins Jersey Rally with S&J 2.5L & Escort MKII.


  • Product development continues including YB dry-sump kit, cam covers and internal components.
  • Additional CNC machining centre introduced to help with production.



  • Steve Westbury joined Smith & Jones as head of machining, and specialises in block and head manufacturing.
  • Engine dyno upgraded to Super-flow 902 to help with turbo engine development

2015 – 2017

  • Working closely with Harvey Gibbs (SCS) and Julian Godfrey Engineering the S&J “Through-Stud” cylinder block (V2 casting) was developed for Big-Power and High-Cylinder-Pressure turbo engines.
  • RS500 cylinder head was developed and produced for historic racing.
  • Work began on 205 and 200 cast iron historic block project – with Grainger & Worrall.

2018 – 2019

  • First YB historic cast iron blocks were produced.
  • Rob Duggan wins Killarney Rally 2018 with S&J 2.5L Engine & NPL Escort.
  • RS500 Race Engines built at Mountune using S&J blocks and heads.
  • Chris West wins MSN Circuit Rally Championship 2017-2018 with S&J 2.5L Engine & 306 Maxi.
  • KGP in Ireland use S&J products to produce 360bhp 2.5L YB rally winning engines.


  • March 2020 production stops! – S&J in lock-down due to Corona Virus (COVID-19)
  • To be continued………
  • May 2020 - S&J restart manufacturing using Covid-safe working practices.
  • Andrew Jones begins apprenticeship at S&J and Marches Centre Bridgnorth.
  • Nigel Mummery steps down as director of S&J Engineering.
  • Newen valve seat cutting technology introduced for cylinder head manufacturing.