YB Cylinder Blocks

Available in both aluminium and original grey iron our cylinder blocks are a direct Motorsport replacement for the original Cosworth YB and Ford Pinto blocks.

The aluminium blocks are produced from Grainger & Worrall castings in special A356 alloy and heat-treated to T6 condition for uncompromising strength.

The historic cast iron blocks are produced from Grainger & Worrall premium grey-iron castings.

Special features

  • Suitable for the ultimate turbo charged and naturally aspirated engines
  • Thick-wall Siamese cylinders (112mm diameter)
  • Aluminium block fitted with high-strength ductile iron liners
  • Large cast head bolt pillars that run through whole cylinder block
  • Bore sizes from 90.8mm to 97mm
  • Deck height from Std 207.5mm to +14mm (Iron) +18mm (Aluminium)
  • 4-Bolt steel main bearing caps
  • Crank case machining and special breather baffle to clear 88mm crankshaft
  • Accept sumps - Pinto, 2wd, 4x4 and WRC

‚ÄčOptional Extras

  • Through-Stud head stud system for the ultimate strength turbo-charged block
  • Piston cooling - Oil squirt jets
  • Tall block cam belt and tensioner kits
  • Available in both 205 and 200 castings (Iron)
  • RS500 small 7/8” core plugs (Iron)

Smith & Jones – ‘Through-Stud’ head stud system

Designed, developed and manufactured in association with ARP Automotive Racing Products USA, with special help from Chris Brown (ARP - Specialty Products)

This ultimate strength head stud system used in S&J Cosworth YB cylinder blocks features the head studs passing directly through the cylinder block and screwing into the steel main bearing caps.

This design gives an extremely strong and stable anchor point for the head studs, which provides excellent cylinder head and cylinder head gasket clamp.

Head stud stress points are removed from the cylinder block when using this system, the block is simply sandwiched - the load goes into the studs.

Typical applications:

  • High cylinder pressure restricted engines
  • W.R.C engines
  • Rally-X engines
  • Big-Power turbo engines +1000bhp


  • S&J YB Block (Aluminium)* = £4,690.00
  • S&J YB Block (Iron)* = £4,945.00
  • Through-stud kit = £1,013.50
  • Piston cooling – Oil squirt jets = £160.00
  • Tall block cam belt & tensioner = £160.00

*Block supplied with:
Finished deck height / Cylinders bored & honed to size / Steel main bearing caps / Main cap stud kit
Oil way pressure plugs / Water-jacket core plugs / Bell-housing dowels / Breather baffle

Note: Prices do not include U.K VAT @ 20%