YB Engine and Parts Kits

Turbo Short Engine Kit – 2,340cc

  • The 2,340cc short engine kit is aimed at customers looking to build big-power YB turbo engines
  • Components in this kit are S&J stock items and are of the highest quality, selected for strength and reliability
  • This kit features a 92mm bore with WRC head gasket or Coopers Rings, clamped using the Through-stud (head stud) system.
  • This set-up is extremely strong, has excellent cylinder sealing and is easy to service.
  • Crank and connecting rods are manufactured by Arrow Precision to S&J specification.
  • The 92mm piston is made by Omega from S&J proprietary H-bridge forgings.

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YB Dry Sump kit

  • This kit is suitable for both turbocharged and naturally aspirated engine types, running with or without piston cooling oil squirt jets.
  • The sump pan is a S&J casting that has clearance to turn an 88mm crankshaft. It features a strong cast-in oil baffle which prevents cracking that is associated with fabricated baffles.
  • Scavenge wells are positioned to clear cross-members and steering racks in most Ford applications.
  • Steel scavenge fittings (AN-12) and filters are fully removeable for cleaning.
  • A high-quality Titan TR2 oil pump is supplied with single pressure and twin scavenge rotors. The pump is mounted with rubber damping onto a shim-adjustable aluminium plate – to set belt tension.
  • Earls scavenge hoses and auxiliary shaft drive pulleys complete the kit.

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YB Engine kit - 2.5L and 2.6L NA

Build your own YB naturally aspirated engine using this full engine kit (less engine management)

The kit contains everything needed to build either a 2.5L or 2.6L fuel injected 335-350bhp engine.


  • 330cfm head assembly
  • Cosworth badged cam cover
  • 2.5L or 2.6L bottom-end
  • Dry-sump kit
  • Tapered throttle body assembly
  • Flywheel & starter motor
  • Alternator
  • Exhaust manifold to suit MKII Escort (Rally or Race)

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YB Engine Parts (Individual)

All engine parts shown on our parts & price lists are available for sale individually.

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